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Jackie J Consulting Welcomes You

Building a Better Future

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At Jackie J Consulting, we take pride in helping our clients maximize their credit profile. We understand that untangling your credit can be both stressful and confusing and we are here to help. As a consumer you can legally repair your credit utilizing consumer protection laws.  Let us fight for you! Our board certified repair specialists will not only work to repair your credit but will also provide you with the knowledge and tools you need for a lifetime of success. 

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    Authentic - Thorough - Committed - Excellence - Integrity - Board Certified

Credit Restoration

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Let our dedicated team assist in disputing those pesky items on your report that are holding you back from success. We will come up with a plan of action tailored to your profile and customize a strategy towards reaching your goals. 

Financial Management

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Once we receive your information we will complete an analysis and create a customized plan outlying the items needing to be addressed. You will receive a detailed analysis report and can decide if you want us to challenge on your behalf or if you prefer you can purchase a DIY kit to complete your restoration process.

Do it Yourself

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We offer several letters to assist those who want to tackle the repair process on their own. Everyone can fix their own credit however it takes massive work, dedication and concentration.


Jacqueline Jones, CEO/Founder

As the CEO of Jackie J Consulting, my mission is to educate consumers on the importance of credit and the proper way to manage it. Several years ago when I founded my first business I experienced difficulty securing financing due to a less than favorable credit profile.

Like many of you, I was not educated on the importance of maintaining my credit. After successfully repairing my own credit I then began helping my close family and friends and soon discovered credit repair was a passion. I assist with bridging the gap between home ownership as well as educate on financial management so you can achieve your goals and not end up in the same financial struggle again. I stand strong behind breaking generational curses, manifesting your future, and financial freedom. 

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1001 NC Highway 61, Unit 174

Whitsett NC 27377


Our customer service team is available Monday-Thursday  

9am to 5pm EST .


For quality assurance and training purposes calls may be monitored and recorded.  

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